The 5 main reasons why construction companies prefer to continue their building projects through winter

Many people are under the misconception that all construction companies slow down business over the winter months. Facing bitter cold is definitely a reality for construction workers throughout winter. However, construction companies continue to build despite the colder months – especially because most places in South Africa do not really face unbearable cold weather conditions.

Construction in winter does come with a few challenges but, there are also advantages to building.


  • Prices are possibly more competitive – which is a great bonus for the consumer.
  • Work gets done faster as there are less projects being done over winter.
  • There is less rain over winter time. Dry periods in Gauteng include May, June, July and August.


  • The sun rises later and sets earlier in winter so, the days are shorter.
  • The weather is colder, thus can be demotivating for construction workers and slow down productivity.


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