Sports grounds construction has to be among the simplest and most cost-effective construction projects a school can get up to, right? Comparing these projects to the erection of school buildings, however, is a little bit like comparing apples and oranges; the costs of a simple hockey AstroTurf or cricket pitch may surprise you.

Firstly, the sheer scope of these projects is generally underestimated. Sports grounds construction also goes hand-in-hand with a lot of maintenance, especially when dealing with grassland bases. That’s why investing in a new addition to your school’s sports facilities is something you should carefully consider before making the decision. Here’s an overview of the construction of a concrete cricket pitch.

The first thing that has to be resolved is the issue of drainage. Poorly planned water diversion systems will all but compromise the foundation of the construction in the long term. If surface water is not allowed to drain effectively, health and flooding risks will not be the end of your worries. When the sub-base of the pitch is constantly soaked as a result of ineffective drainage, the foundational damage will incur heavy repair costs in the future.

The careful planning and construction of the sub-base itself is thus also an important part of the project. It is up to the sub-base to reconcile structural integrity with drainage capability. Such a sub-base is usually built up of loose-laid aggregates that’ll function as a stable foundation for the pitch, while still allowing water to seep through over time. Implementing the right type of aggregate that’ll ensure functional draining is extremely important, so ensure that your supplier deals in high-quality aggregate before you make the purchase.

Creating the concrete cricket pitch itself requires the same careful attention as the construction of the sub-base does. In order to lay a slab of concrete that’ll be smooth enough to not damage cricket balls or be hazardous to players, this job should be left to paid professionals. Relying on reputed cement suppliers also goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of the pitch.

The improvement of school sports facilities is negotiable but making sure that the right type of facility is constructed in a responsible way certainly isn’t. Make sure you know what you’re in for before getting your chequebook out!