After each construction project, whether it’s home renovations, or commercial construction, there is bound to be leftover materials. A common construction aggregate that’s leftover is sand. Sand is used in almost all construction, being a major component in cement, and working as a filler for foundations and structure reinforcement. Instead of just dumping it, there are some great uses for sand that will avoid waste.

Home Renovations with Sand

Sand can be a great addition in your home projects and in the garden.

Paint Texture

Add some sand into your paint to give the painted surface some extra texture. The sand gives the paint a roughness that looks great on certain interior or exterior walls.

Clean Up Spills with Sand

If you have spilled some oil or any kind of thick liquid, dry sand can be poured over it to draw it from hard surfaces (like pavements, garage floors, etc.)

Sand for Kids

If you have small children, it might be nice to make a sand pit for them. Add some toys, a couple of plastic spades and watch them stay entertained for hours! Otherwise, if you have a play area already, consider using the sand to fill around the jungle gyms. It’s great for kids to run barefoot on and will help cushion the inevitable playtime falls.

Sand Walkways

Sometimes the best way to keep guests off your grass is to create a pathway for them to follow. Line a sand walkway with pretty plants and add a few larger stepping stones for a pretty finish.

Beachy Fire Pit

If you have some extra space, you can build a fire pit with sand as the foundation. Not only does it look good, but the sand will not catch alight if embers land on it. It also gives you a lovely place to entertain.

DIY Zen Garden

There are some places in the garden that just refuse to grow anything. Have you considered building your own zen garden? Cordon off an area and use the sand to create patterns around something like a water feature or some pretty succulents.

 These ideas are not only for leftover sand. If you’ve liked some of them for your own space, order sand for delivery now and enjoy your new project! For sand delivery in South Africa, contact us.