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building sandHow important is sand?

Sand plays an important role in construction. Simply: quality sand = longer lasting buildings.

When buying a house, what do you look for? If a house is good-looking, it is not necessarily well-built. A well-built house should have good support and be built with quality building materials.

Sand Shifters is a well-known building material supplier in Gauteng. We offer the best building sand for residential and commercial projects.

Different types of Sand Shifters sands

Plaster sand

Plaster sand is very fine sand. This sand can be used for:

  • Indoor and outdoor plastering jobs
  • Decorative work
  • Brickwork
  • Rendering exterior and interior walls
  • Coating concrete

Building sand

Building sand is general purpose sand that is used for:

  • Bricklaying
  • Mortar
  • Pointing

This sand is ideal for building projects. Building sand is available in different colours. Sand Shifters supplies red, yellow, black and local building sand.

River sand

River sand granules are rounded. Tiny gaps are formed between the granules even when the sand is compressed. The sand is crushed and washed to the correct consistency. This makes them suitable for:

  • Drainage
  • Wall screeds
  • Floor screeds
  • Guniting
  • Paving base
  • Foundations and floors

Crushed stone

Crushed stone can be used alone or with a filler material, such as tarmac, concrete or asphalt concrete. This type of sand is often used for:

  • Block making
  • Landscaping
  • Gravel pathways
  • Gravel driveways
  • Under buildings as foundations or for floors

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Sand Shifters has other sand too! To find out more, please contact us.