The construction industry is immense, and with its size has come a wide variety of terminologies that not everybody understands. Especially in terms of construction site clearance, companies often blur the lines between site clearance and land clearance. In this article Sand Shifters is going to clear up that particular misunderstanding for you.


The main purpose of construction site clearance is to prepare your site for a construction project. This is a rather broad term, though, including everything from the removal of vegetation and levelling of the ground to the demolishing of existing structures and disposal of rubbish. One of the main features of this particular job that you’ll be familiar with is the bulk clearance of sites, which involves loading rubble and other debris onto large tipper trucks to haul away.

An extremely important duty assigned to construction site clearance companies that you might not be aware of, though, is the responsibility to safely handle and dispose of hazardous materials. This could be anything as simple as properly disposing of glass or as dangerous as working with asbestos. Either way, this is a life-or-death responsibility that could affect thousands.


Where construction site clearance is broadly focused on clearing and preparing a site, land clearance is far more focused on the removal of natural obstacles. This includes the removal of vegetation such as bushes, uprooting trees and evening out the ground to create a bare, flat site that can safely be used for construction.


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