A bulk aggregates retailer has access to a multitude of different materials used for construction purposes and more. Each type of aggregate is used for a specific purpose, so it’s important to know the difference to ensure optimal results.


 Gravel tends to be coarse, but the pieces can vary in size. Gravel is used in concrete to strengthen it, and allow for extra drainage in some cases. Gravel is commonly used in landscapes, on driveways and pavements. It can make for a decorative feature in public and private areas when placed correctly in the right setting. Gravel is one of the more cost-effective aggregates.


Sand has countless purposes. Depending on the different type of sand, it is used as a staple ingredient in construction for forming foundations, plastering and reinforcing walls, mixing with concrete and cement, and so much more. Sand is also used to clean oil spills on sites. Depending on the colour and quality of the sand, it can also be used as a decorative feature out and indoors. Sand is often mixed with coarser aggregates to fill in gaps and provide strength because of its malleable properties.

Crushed Concrete

With site clearing, there is a lot of leftover material that can be repurposed into materials and other projects. Discarded concrete can be crushed and made into aggregates that can be mixed into new concrete and used to build pavements, roads and foundations. Materials can be mixed so that the crushed concrete can act as a drainage material for areas that require it.

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