So many people get stuck under the false notion that plant hire is only used in the construction industry. Think about it: When you see a tipper truck or a front end loader heading somewhere, your first assumption is most likely that they are headed to a construction site. But plant hire in Gauteng can be – and is – used for so much more.


If you think about it, mining is the most obvious alternative industry for plant hire. Front end loaders are used on a daily basis on mining sites to clear pathways through the dirt that builds up especially in the early stages. Plant hire companies also making the initial site clearance for mining projects a lot simpler by providing excavators that scoop up and remove huge volumes of soil and dirt. And of course, the primary plant hire item is the tipper truck.

If you ever visit a mine you will see a wide variety of tipper trucks, some of the largest in the world even. These are a key component of the mining industry because, more than just carting dirt away, these trucks can be used to haul tons of mined minerals from underground to surface. Considering that this job used to be performed by labourers on foot, plant hire has given the mining industry an incredible efficiency boost.


If you consider how much dirt, soil, rock and other material ends up being moved around during landscaping jobs it is only logical. Even for residential landscaping, plant hire companies can provide smaller tipper trucks which head to the site towing a bobcat (this basically looks and functions like a smaller-scale front end loader) which will be able to move and haul dirt far more efficiently than a shovel. Also, for those projects where steep slopes need to be levelled, what could be better than quickly digging the ground to an acceptable level with an excavator?

Let your imagination run wild from here. Think of the endless possible applications for plant hire. All you need is a reliable, knowledgeable and experience plant hire company in Gauteng. At Sand Shifters we handle everything from sand and bricks to site clearance and plant hire, and our team are highly trained and efficient. Contact us to find out how our plant hire solutions can do for you.