Cement is the glue of construction projects. It gives strength and stability to materials to ensure they stay standing for years to come.


Cement is essential to the industrial and private construction scene. Cement is a water-based product that can be used to bind other material together.

Cement is a key ingredient in concrete. By volume, it usually makes up 10 to 15 per cent of concrete working as a binder with 20 per cent water and 75 per cent aggregates which can be a combination of sand, gravel and crushed stone.


Concrete is the ideal application for recycled building materials. Construction material suppliers like Sand Shifters recycle building materials during site clearances with an experienced crushing team.

By using materials from construction sites to build new ones we allow building materials to go further. This is cost effective and environmentally friendly. It is also a way to use up the by-products of other construction processes like that of iron and steel manufacturing.


Cement makes up the paste that binds aggregates together in the mixing of concrete. It hardens through a process called hydration. During hydration the cement and water harden for years, so, technically speaking, the concrete gets even stronger over time. The ratio of water to cement dictates the strength of the concrete. This ratio is the weight of the water divided by the weight of the concrete.

The secret lies in mixing the cement with as little water as possible without compromising the flexibility of the wet cement. It needs enough water to still undergo the hydration process without losing malleability. Using less water tends to produce a higher quality concrete with a lower percentage of air bubbles if it is properly laid and cured for the hydration process to take place.

The malleable nature of concrete is what makes it the number one choice for building everything from roads to skyscrapers. When used correctly cement can build any structure that will stand the test of time, traffic and extended use.

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