The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and sand is a major contributor in everything to do with construction materials. More than 50 billion tons of sand is used in construction globally, annually.

It’s important to know that not all sand has the same properties, and therefore, different sands are used for different supplies. Beach sand, for example, would be a rare ingredient in construction, due to the composition being irregular.

What Are Different Types of Sands Used For?

Sand can be easily compressed and, in some cases, can be very malleable. This is the perfect ingredient for creating building components and foundations.

Plaster sand

This type of sand is finer than others, so it is easier to compress. It is used for plastering of walls and for grouting of paving.

Building sand

Builders’ sand is often added into paint to give the painted surface some texture. It is however most commonly used as a mortar by mixing cement and water into the building sand.

Crushed stone

With good drainage qualities, crushed stone is used in drains, like in gutters on the side of the road. It comes in different sizes depending on the requirement and can be mixed to produce ready-mix concrete with a rougher finish.

River sand

This type of construction sand can be coarse or fine, depending on the requirements. It’s more common to find coarse river sand in construction and is used as screed to level out floors and as a bedding sand for paving.

Bulk filling sand

Used for raising levels, filling gaps and holes, paving, and asphalt, bulk filling sand is a versatile material used in most construction projects.

Your construction quality will depend greatly on the quality and purity of the sand being used. If sand is mixed with other materials, it can wear quickly, and need replacing sooner. The quality of cement and concrete will rely on the quality of the sand used in the mixture, because the sand ensures there is less chance of cracking and crumbling.

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