No building can take place without the intervention of site clearance services. In order for land to be ready for construction professional construction site clearance needs to have taken place. This is the first step in ensuring a smooth construction process from the get-go.


This is the first, and arguably the most important step when it comes to preparing a construction site for a new project. Any steps skipped or things missed here can cause major delays and unexpected costs if not done properly.

Site clearance services that need to be completed at this stage include:

  • Demolishing buildings
  • Removing vegetation
  • Removing above and underground infrastructures
  • Removing any obstacles that will hinder progress (rocks, boulders etc.)


This is essential to the process because it is required to move forward with the project. This is mainly due to the fact that surveying will confirm where the structure should be built. This is often necessary to apply for most zoning and permitting processes. This allows for the contractor to use the surveyor’s data as markers for the location of the construction plan. This is also helpful in indicating to the contractor how much elevation is required.


This should be done before the site is purchased for new construction developments. This will determine if the soil can act as a reliable foundation to support and withstand the weight of a structure. If the soil is unsuitable for new development you will have to look for a site elsewhere.


If the soil has been tested and found suitable for construction the site plan design can be implemented. This includes the installation of all necessary fixtures, including drainage. The underground rock formations also need to be noted for future reference if any further installations are required.

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