Sand Shifters offers all the services required for a successful construction project from start to finish. Site preparation and clearance, as well as rubble removal services all, overlap in some way as they serve the same purpose: creating a safe site, clean and cleared before or after a project. Responsible contractors will always have a watertight plan when it comes to ensuring their site is ready for their project or that a site they are done with is ready and safe to be used by the public.


Before a construction project begins, a team must be sent in to complete site preparation that ensures the plans for the structure can be followed through safely and effectively. This is what is known as site preparation for construction of project. This may involve demolition and ensuring that once all hazardous materials are removed no machinery or material is left behind either.

This can also include land clearing activities like removing trees, invasive stumps or any other obstructions presented by the natural world.

Site preparation and clearance may also involve:

  • site surveying
  • soil testing
  • site investigation

In a nutshell site preparation and site clearance can be understood as the preparation of the ground surface at the beginning or the end of a construction project.

Site clearance services are available when a site is left in a less than desirable condition and requires professional assistance in order to ensure that it is up to standard. This is true even if a new construction project is not scheduled to begin right away so that it is still safe to the public before any new construction takes place.

It can be as simple as a single skip and machine to get the job done or require multiple forms of equipment and manpower to get the job done which is why professional services are often preferred. It may even be so complex that it requires a site waste management plan before it can begin to ensure the waste present can be disposed of legally and safely.


Rubble removal may be considered a step in either site preparation or site clearance depending on the state of the site in question. Hiring rubble removal is beneficial as it:

  • Reduces waste
  • Makes reusable materials available
  • Conserves landfill space
  • Conserves natural resources by using what is already available

If you do not have the means to complete large scale rubble removal there are professional construction rubble removal services available. As an alternative you could make use of plant hire to complete this should you choose to do so.

For any and all of these professional services contact us at Sand Shifters to ensure your project has a successful beginning, middle and end.