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After each construction project, whether it’s home renovations, or commercial construction, there is bound to be leftover materials. A common construction aggregate that’s leftover is sand. Sand is used in almost all construction, being a major component in cement, and working as a filler for foundations and structure reinforcement. Instead of just dumping it, there are some great uses for sand that will avoid waste. Read more

Concrete bricks are the main type of brick used in building and construction. This article will explain concrete bricks in more detail, but it should be noted that there are also clay bricks, sand lime bricks, engineering bricks and fly ash clay bricks used in the building of homes and commercial spaces. There is also an array of different shapes, differently-cored and solid types of bricks, in various sizes. This article will discuss the most popular building bricks, which are concrete bricks. It will also touch on how they are made to ensure solid foundations and quality construction projects. Read more