When demolishing an existing structure with the intention of rebuilding a similar sized construction, you should consider reusing the foundation. This method of sustainability is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly on your pocket. This method will also not affect the overall look of your finished project, trusted that the existing foundation was in solid condition and that your building bricks are of good quality, professionally laid out.


Before you can even decide on making use of the existing foundation, you will first need to evaluate it in order to determine whether it is sound enough to be reused. There may be minor repairs that need to be done in order to ensure that it can still be used, or it may not be useable at all. Should it pass the evaluation test though, you will have a solid foundation ready for your building to commence.


There are numerous ways that using an existing foundation, instead of demolishing one and building another, will save you on resources, cost, and time. The following is a list of just some of the construction components you will be saving on by using the previous foundation:

  • No need for demolition and further earthwork
  • Concrete production is not required for a new foundation
  • Transport requirements are minimised due to less materials required for foundation phase
  • Concrete pumping is void


Now that you have your foundation, and you have saved some time and expense, you will want to look for some quality building bricks for sale which will provide your project with a high calibre finish. By purchasing bulk building bricks from trusted building material suppliers the quality and finish of your project will be guaranteed.

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