Before any construction project can take place the correct site preparation needs to be completed. Here is a step by step guide of all the things that need to be done to begin a successful building project.


Site clearance is the very first step in effective site preparation. It would be impractical to begin anywhere else, you need to start fresh to see what the site had to offer.

The main goal for site clearance is to prepare the land for planned construction and landscaping by removing any construction equipment and construction rubble. Site clearance ensures the safety of anyone working on the site from the first day to the last. The area the site is in will need to be taken into consideration to determine the best way to transport this rubble away to create a safe site during construction and once the project is complete.

Having a professional site clearance team complete this task throughout the project will help you to avoid delays, confusion and hidden costs.


A surveyor needs to assess the site and outline exactly where on the plot of land the structure is intended to be built. This is a requirement for multiple permitting processes to locate boundaries and inform the contractor of the requirement for elevation and cut or fill necessary for to achieve the desired design elevation.


Before a site is purchase it should have undergone extensive soil testing to determine its ability to carry and support a structure as well as the way it absorbs water. Soil testing should be done before construction of any kind takes place. If the soil is unsuitable for construction the project will have to find a new, more suitable location to be built on.


Planning and design can start once all the necessary drainage and septic plants have been properly installed and their fixtures are clearly indicated onsite and on all plans. This is where any findings like underground rock formations must be meticulously noted to ensure they do not cause a problem once construction begins.


Once the design and planning are complete any site preparation that still needs to be done needs to be handled before construction can begin. This may include tunneling, landfilling, leveling or excavating. Construction rubble removal services may need to be called in again at this point.

For professional construction site preparation services including site clearance and plant hire feel free to contact Sand Shifters. We will get your construction project started on the right foot from the very first step.