Certain areas need little to no site clearance before construction can begin. This is all well and good but problems arise when amateurs clear the area without knowing what to look for. This often ends up delaying construction and costing extra time and money to remove tree roots or hazardous materials that were overlooked. Here are some key indicators that will tell you when you need to call a construction site clearance company:


Proper tree felling and stump removal are absolutely necessary to get done professionally due to the depth and scale of the plant’s roots. You may think you can just get rid of the top of the tree stump, but you could be faced with tree roots causing havoc underneath your laid brick work in years to come. Construction site clearance companies are geared with the right equipment to remove trees and stumps, including the roots, so they are completely eliminated from the area.


There are a few substances that do not even have to undergo a classification process because they are immediately recognised as hazardous and removal needs to occur swiftly. These waste types that are often found on sites before clearance include:

  • Medical or laboratory waste
  • Spoilt products (especially animal or decaying products)
  • PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl)
  • Asbestos


When building on unprofessionally cleared ground you may find that underground infrastructures were not removed properly. This can be anything from a swimming pool to a basement. If the area is not cleared and filled properly by a company offering professional site clearance services the surface is not prepared for new building to take place.


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