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Plant Hire & Contract CrushingThere aren’t many obvious differences between a modern block building and a modern brick building. Both are porous materials and use the same residential construction method. Clay bricks, however, are better suited for a building project that features multiple Wythe construction (a continuous vertical section of masonry one unit in thickness). While many people may opt for the less expensive concrete blocks, here is why I believe you should choose clay bricks for your construction project:

High Thermal Mass

Because clay bricks have a high thermal mass, the brick walls absorb heat during the day and release it slowly at night, ensuring that the building maintains an even temperature. Houses built with clay bricks are usually warmer in winter and cooler in summer as opposed to houses built with cement blocks.


Bricks are a sustainable and eco-friendly product, mostly because:

  • The bricks are often made from the materials that would usually go to landfills.
  • The bricks are fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan.


Clay brick walls are highly durable. In fact, if well maintained, a brick building can last for centuries.

Aesthetical Appeal

When it comes to adapting to complex designs that fit into almost any setting, you can’t go wrong with clay bricks. The natural, diverse hues of the different coloured bricks ensure that the organic material suits all architecture and interior design, whether the design is modern or traditional. Bricks are often covered and painted; however, exposed brick work will always be a popular building trend.

High Density

Clay bricks have a high density, which offers effective acoustic insulation. This means that brick buildings are more sound proof, which is great for residential areas.

Not Highly Combustible

Clay bricks take a long time to burn, mainly due to their compressed, dense nature. Although clay brick buildings are still able to burn down, they are a lot safer than other building materials.

Value for Money

Although concrete blocks are cheaper than clay bricks, the value you receive for spending more on bricks will be cheaper in the long run.

Contact Clay Brick Suppliers

Both blocks and bricks are suitable building materials for projects, however, you need to decide where you are willing to compromise. For more information or advice regarding building blocks and building bricks, contact Sand Shifters today.