Rubble Removal as Stipulated by Domestic Waste Collection Standards in RSA

Professional building rubble removal services are in short supply, yet they’re an absolute necessity across the country. Responsible rubble removal prices might be a little extra than a backyard business, but these regulated services are there to ensure that the rubble is disposed of correctly.

Waste Policy and Regulations Concerning Rubble Removal

The Department of Environmental Affairs set the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No. 59 of 2008) National Domestic Waste Collection Standards, which was revised in 2010 to discuss the National Domestic Waste Collection Standards.

According to this Act, Building Rubble is defined as “waste produced during the construction, alteration, repair or demolition of any structure, and includes rubble, earth, rock and wood displaced during such activities.” Building rubble is also listed under “Domestic Waste”.

With constant construction taking place in South Africa, there is always building rubble removal services required to adhere to the laws in place as a means to protect the public and the environment.

South Africa Needs More Rubble Removal Services

According to the Business Insider South Africa South Africa is in dire need of more professional building rubble removal services at competitive prices. Professional rubble services are in short supply due to the considerable funds necessary to purchase heavy-duty equipment required for successful and timely rubble removal jobs.

So how does one justify rubble removal prices? The reality is that, because they are in short supply, their services are often required – so, keeping up with the growing need is increasingly difficult, especially while handling the maintenance of the right equipment for these jobs.

Sand Shifters provides building rubble removal and site clearance for individuals or businesses, so that they don’t have to worry about investing in expensive equipment for a job they do not frequently need done.

Rubble Removal Services are Better than the Limited Alternatives

The only alternative there is for professional rubble removal services is to hire a skip. For extended periods, this can become very expensive; in this case, you would save money paying rubble removal prices. Skips are also strictly monitored and the waste they may be used for is limited.

According to the Waste Act, skips are designed for the collection of bulky waste like building rubble and ‘hard’ garden waste to avoid things being blown off during transportation. This means if there is anything you need to get rid of that doesn’t fit the bill, it will be left cluttering the space.

When you take all these into consideration, the rubble removal prices are more than fair to ensure you are compliant with the laws and regulations, with waste being disposed of hygienically. For professional building rubble removal services contact us at Sand Shifters.