Quality bricks are essential for all construction projects. When it comes to selecting strong, affordable bricks, Sand Shifters are the suppliers to call. Many building projects have failed due to builders trusting the wrong brick suppliers. We advise that you do not opt for low-quality bricks and rather choose a supplier that will deliver the best bricks for your building project.

Here’s what we guarantee if you purchase bricks from us:


You want to purchase bricks that will not break your bank as well as offer strength and durability. Don’t only consider the price of the bricks, but also consider how your building will look after you use the building material. Being one of the most well-known brick suppliers in Gauteng, we are confident that you will receive your money’s worth when buying our bricks.

Strength & Durability

Buying your bricks from a trusted supplier will ensure you get quality bricks. We have the best brick specialists, quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure that you receive the best of the best materials; this goes for all of our building materials, not only bricks. We ensure that our bricks:

  • Have well-defined edges and corners
  • Have outstanding strength
  • Maintain their original colour
  • Are made from high-quality materials

Perfect Colour

We have various colours to match your project. We supply rich coloured bricks, which are ideal for beautiful brick finishes, as well as plainer bricks, which can be plastered.

Various Brick Types

Various brick types are required for different projects. Sand Shifters supplies bulk volumes of maxi bricks, cement stock bricks and clay bricks for various applications. So, whether you need bricks for interior or exterior wall extensions or buildings, we have the perfect bricks for you.


Sustainability is essential in our day and age, which is why we make sure we supply quality, sustainable bricks. Our clay stock bricks, especially, leave a low carbon footprint while ensuring temperature regulation.

Weather Resistance

Harsh weather conditions can leave a building looking a little tacky- but not if you use Sand Shifter’s bricks. We ensure that our bricks stand the test of time and weather so that your building can keep its aesthetic value no matter what weather threats may come your way.

Contact Sand Shifters for more information on quality building materials for any building project.