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Building Bricks gautengThe demolition process has many steps from start to finish. To make sure that your demolition process is responsible demolition, follows these 3 steps:

Before any demolition can occur the site needs to acquire the necessary permits.

To obtain said permits the site must:

  • Be checked for any hazardous materials or waste like asbestos.
  • Pest removal, thorough rodent baiting must be executed so that any infestation does not move to the next closest building.
  • All electronics and utilities need to be disconnected and removed.
  • The hazards associated with demolition need to be checked to see if they will affect any other structures or people close-by. These can include large amounts of dust, noise, vibrations in buildings close-by, airborne debris, waste and uncontrolled collapse.

The actual demolition may be performed in many different ways:

  • By hand
    A slow method whereby the building is taken apart from top to bottom by tools that are simple to operate.
  • By wrecking ball
    This is a common method of razing a building and the rubble is removed afterwards with heavy machinery, or removed by plant hire companies.
  • By hydraulic pusher arm
    These are effective because of their mobility which lends itself well to smaller demolition jobs
  • By deliberate collapse
    A demolition engineer will pinpoint which parts of the building to knock out or remove for a building to collapse inwards, safely.
  • By explosion
    A demolitions expert and engineer will be consulted to locate the hot spots to plant charges that should bring the building down as if it is crumbling from the bottom up or collapsing into itself.

After the demolition has taken place there needs to be clean up to remove rubble and other materials from the site.

One could haul it away or employ a plant hire company to use their special machines to quickly clear the site. They use specialised machinery to clear the site:

  • Front end loaders
  • Excavators
  • Tractor-loader-backhoes (TLB) Three in one construction machines that dig and load.
  • Tipper trucks to haul away debris