Most plant hire companies you find will offer you one piece of machinery for every job, but we know that sometimes there isn’t space or budget for all that. That is why Sand Shifters also offers tractor loader backhoes (TLBs) as part of our solutions for plant hire in Gauteng.

As you will have figured from its name, the TLB is a combination of three machines most plant hire companies offer:


The main structure of this vehicle is that of a tractor, much like those used in agricultural settings. The advantage of this base vehicle is that it provides you with the large tyres and powerful diesel engine to manoeuvre over various kinds of rough terrain without difficulty.

Secondly, with the spacious cab of a tractor you have space for all the controls necessary to easily operate the other features of the TLB.


The front end of the TLB holds a holder, just like a front end loader. While the tractor provides mobility and power, the loader can be used like a plough to push dirt away and to smooth out the remaining surface. It can also be used to lift and haul heavy debris like tree stumps and large rocks.


Looking like a smaller-scale version of an excavator, the backhoe provides true versatility to the TLB. With this device TLB is able to effectively dig up hard, compact earth that would otherwise take a team of workers with shovels days to complete which the TLB manages in a matter of hours, if not minutes. This is especially useful in more domestic landscaping work, where plant hire companies generally cannot help with larger machinery.

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