As unpredictable as construction sites and their many challenges can be, there is one factor which is always present: danger. There are so many things that can go wrong on a site and so many ways in which people can get hurt, especially when safety measures are ignored. That is why construction site clearance companies need to focus on the following safety measures:


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is the first line of defence on all sites. This covers a wide variety of bright, reflective clothing and other safety equipment specifically designed to protect individuals on site. The main piece of equipment that must be worn by everyone on site at all times – and those who are lax in keeping with this should be penalised – is the hardhat. Head injuries are often severely debilitating or fatal, especially in such environments where heavy or sharp items might easily fall on somebody or where they could trip and fall into or against such things. They’re not perfect, but hardhats will go a long way towards diminishing the danger posed.

Another key piece of PPE especially with site clearance services is a pair of safety gloves. Often enough workers will need to clear some materials by hand, and they could easily come into contact with shards of glass and sharp rocks while doing so, or even exposed pieces of rusted metal which can be extremely hazardous. Protecting the hands of all workers on a site is also important for production, because a worker with injured hands will be unable to work optimally for minutes, days, or even weeks. That is a risk that nobody can afford.


Construction site clearance companies should protect their employees by using the correct equipment. Site clearance services are far more efficient when the proper plant hire is included, and it is much safer. For instance, instead of having a team of individuals picking up and clearing debris, you could use a front end loader to haul it away instead. It works a lot faster than even a whole team of workers and is far less susceptible to damage from pointy objects. Excavators are also a great way to clear a lot of soil quickly without risking a distracted person injuring themselves and others with a shovel.


Awareness of the dangers present is more important than many construction site clearance companies realise, and it affects many people. By putting up proper signage in and around the construction site will serve as an effective warning for passers-by that there is construction work taking place. If you have different teams or jobs active at the same time, like site clearance services and brick-laying, effective signage could serve to keep everybody on site informed as to what goes where, and which areas to avoid.


Really, there are lots of things to be done or used to improve safety on a construction site, but nothing beats making use of a professional construction site clearance company. Our Sand Shifters team is one such trusted source for site clearance in Gauteng, because we have the correct knowledge, tools and experience to get things done on time and safely. Get in touch and see for yourself.