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One may think a construction project is just picking a place you want to build, and then erecting said building. Unfortunately, it is not that simple; unless you use a plant hire company for your site clearance operations, of course.




Site Clearance to Start a New Construction Project:

  1. The site for clearance must be well marked.

  2. Site clearance operations will begin with clearing of any vegetation, trees (including the stumps) and large stones. Plant hire vehicles are strong enough to pull stumps out of the ground.

  3. Once the vegetation is gone the first layer of soil is not level and erratic. For these reasons it is removed by hand or with the same chains ropes and machinery that may have been used to remove vegetation.

  4. Now the foundations for the construction project can begin.

The Benefit of Using Plant Hire for Site Clearance:

  • Bulk clearance for large sites
  • Use of large tippers and heavy plant vehicles
  • Smaller machines for smaller rubble removal projects
  • Various vehicles that you will not have to purchase
  • Less money spent insuring vehicles you do not need on a daily basis
  • No money spent on storage facilities for the vehicles
  • Available at any time, for any project, at your demand

Rubble Removal to Responsibly Complete a Construction Project:

Once a project is complete any leftover materials need to be removed responsibly so that the newly built space can be functional. When a building is demolished, site clearance needs to take place before the project can begin. Having site clearance operations and plant hire at your disposal makes this process much less labour intensive for an ill-equipped team and much more cost effective.

The money you save using plant hire companies can be put back into projects. Make use of plant hire so your project is perfect, from start to finish!