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Construction Move-up buyers usually put a lot of thought into their upcoming home purchase so, if this is the market you are aiming to sell to, you will need to put a lot of thought into the house renovations. Move-up buyers typically look at the neighbourhood and general size and value of the house before they analyse the smaller details of a home; however, the smaller details is usually the last coin that tips the scale on whether or not they want to purchase the house.

Here’s what’s important to move-up buyers:

Modern Kitchen

A kitchen is ultimately the centre of a home; therefore, don’t hesitate in investing in renovating the area. These days, ensuring that the kitchen space is modern, spacious and practical will definitely capture a move-up buyer’s fancy. Three popular kitchen trends are:

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Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans make a house feel more spacious. Break down the barriers between the kitchen, dining and living area to create one, big room. The benefits of an open plan include increased natural lighting, socialisation and spaciousness.

Modern Technology

Move-up buyers are looking for a home that is modern and savvy so making sure that the home is equipped with convenient technology, such as USB and Wi-Fi outlets, will definitely increase the value of your home and spark the interest of tech-savvy buyers. Ensure that your home is equipped with USB and Wi-Fi outlets.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular. People want to enjoy the freedom of not being enclosed in walls while, at the same time, experiencing the comfort of indoors. To create such a space, you can install large aluminium sliding folding doors from your living area to your backyard to separate indoors from outdoors.

Modern Swimming Pool

Making sure the outdoor area of the property is also attractive to the move-up buyer is essential when it comes to selling a house. Upgrade your swimming pool (you can reline it with fibreglass) and overall landscaping design to ensure that the move-up buyer is attracted to the house’s yard.


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