Using the right suppliers for building projects is crucial to whether they stay within budget. If you use quality sand suppliers then you can ensure your building materials are of the highest standard for the cheapest price. Sand Shifters not only supplies sand but brick, plant hire and site clearance services.


The thing many people tend to overlook when considering which suppliers to use for their building projects is the full range of services on offer and whether they fall short, meet or exceed your expectations.

Sand Shifters offers more than just sand for your building project. Our building sand is delivered to your site by us and can be bought in any size batch from small to huge. No order is too large to fill, any amount you need we will bring straight to where the front door is going to be.

As one of the top sand suppliers in Gauteng Sand Shifter’s sand can be used:

  • As fill material
  • For buildings
  • For playgrounds, volleyball courts, horse racing tracks and horse riding arenas
  • For drainage and erosion control

The sand on offer includes:

  • Plaster sand
  • Red building sand
  • Yellow building sand
  • Black building sand
  • Local building sand
  • Crushed stone
  • River sand
  • Bulk filling


To build a strong project that will last you need to lay foundations made from sturdy, top quality bricks. They will brave the storms, sun and vibrations yet to come. They are even fire resistant, have a low carbon footprint and are affordable. We offer cement stock bricks, clay stock bricks and Maxi bricks for your building projects.

Again, not only do we supply these materials but we know that not all clients have the means of transporting large amounts of materials. We provide the solution with cranes to ensure a fast turn-around time for our clients.


Because we are also a plant hire company and offer those services we have the means to get materials to you to ensure your project stays on schedule and within budget. We deliver materials straight to your site so you don’t have to pay someone else to get it there for you. Contact us for your building materials to ensure your project gets done with quality materials, for the best price and on time.