There are some methods you can use to ensure you find a reliable sand supplier in Gauteng to whom you can return for future projects.

Sand and stone suppliers will happily answer your questions so don’t be shy, get all the information you need to ensure you get what you need.


If you are not already, you should familiarise yourself with exactly what your project needs so that you recognise when you have found a reliable sand supplier who can actually give you what you need. When it comes to calculating your sand and stone prices you must know if you will be using it as aggregate in cement, for bricklaying or for foundations. Sand and stone suppliers should have the following available to customers:

  • Plaster sand
  • Building sand
  • River sand
  • Crushed stone

Once you have established what kind of sand you should buy, continue the next steps of finding a reliable sand supplier in Gauteng that ticks all the rest of the boxes.


If you want to know if someone can be considered a reliable sand supplier, read all of their reviews and speak to their loyal clientele. This will give you valuable insights into not only the quality of the products, but the level of professionalism with which they conduct business. This, paired with competitive sand and stone prices, could point you into the direction of a reliable sand supplier in Gauteng.

You should also get a general idea of what sand and stone prices are in your area to know where the benchmark has been set.


These will vary depending on the project you are buying materials from the sand and stone supplier for. Be sure to ask about any special deals, whether they supply recycled aggregate, delivery charges and timelines. These are all important to ensuring that not only the product is high quality, but the supplier is reliable and stays true to schedules and agreements. Here are some general questions as set out by Jane Porter for The Entrepreneur.

Be sure to ask if the sand and stone supplier you are visiting has a bulk deal on their building materials. This is an excellent way to get great sand and stone prices that is beneficial to both you and the sand supplier.


There are multiple advantages to using sand and stone suppliers who make building materials available in bulk. This allows you to streamline your project’s budget, save time and ensure the consistency of your projects build.

The best part is that once you have found a sand supplier in Gauteng that you wish to work with, you can return for the same quality services you have come to know and love like that from Sand Shifters.