Every day, thousands of people are looking for information on building materials online; price, quality, technicalities- every category of question. These two questions stood out. Firstly, because they contain good content for general knowledge and secondly, because their answer can improve your quality of living.


Let’s first pose the question, why are so many people worried about it? Well, that’s because asbestos is bad for your health and can cause extreme illnesses like lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. But don’t fret, it’s not all bad.

Asbestos is only dangerous to your lungs when it is inhaled i.e. it is only hazardous when it forms tiny dust-like fibres that escape into the air. This means that if your asbestos containing product is not old, friable and damaged, you are fine.

Just to be sure though, remember to:

  • Have your ceiling tiles and lay-in panels repaired if they are old, cracked or water damaged.
  • Dispose of asbestos containing construction waste properly
  • Replace decorative plaster if it is old and peeling
  • Have heating systems and electric ducts fixed as soon as necessary

 Here is a list of some of the most common building materials and other products that contain asbestos

Building Materials

This image was taken from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services:  Asbestos Management Control Programme. See source.


It’s a very understandable question, for both construction man and home owner. No matter how big the project, it is important to calculate exactly where you are spending your money, from every inch to every corner. You must weigh your material options against the design and environment of your new project, and be sure you are not wasting revenue on overpriced/poor quality materials.

Don’t use the wrong materials for your new space; it will only lead to early signs of damage and construction failure, which means higher cost and more time spent on maintenance.  Contact us, we can provide you with all the information regarding construction material price, quality and availability.