Buying sand in bulk is a common occurrence in many schools for the promotion of leisure areas that can boast fun playtime activities or sport with safety as a key concern. There are a few different sports and activities which make use of sand for various reasons and benefits to both athletes and children. Whether you’re looking for bulk sand suppliers to build your dream playing court, or you want to find out why you should consider sand as a surface, read on for more information on how sand provides a fun and safe solution for various leisure activities.


Beach volleyball has become a very popular sport, for both casual play and in competitive leagues. Volleyball played on sand has a few health benefits and safety features over indoor volleyball due to the unique qualities of a sand court. The soft sand of a beach volleyball court offers resistance which causes greater strength-endurance training which creates a more effective cardiovascular exercise for increased fitness. Sand also provides players with a softer, more forgiving landing to provide more safety for the frequent dives required by the players.


Kids love playing in sand, sand provides them with a safe environment where they can enjoy many different forms of play. Schools have long since realised the popularity and effectivity of a sand playground and have bought sand in bulk in order to create safe and entertaining playgrounds for pupils. Another great reason to search for a bulk sand supplier is when public or private pools are no longer used or wanted, the perfect crater is made available to be filled with sand in order to re-use the pool area as a court or playground. This is particularly important to consider when emphasis needs to be placed on saving water. Remember to take the type of sand and the layers of depth into consideration for ultimate safety and precaution.


Sand is very popular in horse riding school arenas, be it for competition or everyday riding. Sand not only provides the riders with a more fall-friendly surface, but also provides the horses with a soft surface for improved and better contact with the ground. Harder surfaces can be very harmful to a horse in the long run and is more likely to cause injury and discomfort. Horse riding schools therefore turn to sand as a cost-effective and safe measure to providing their horses and riders with a quality arena.


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