Construction sites are notorious for the hazardous materials that are found and generated there, and it is also a well-known fact that these hazardous materials need to be cleared properly. That’s why Sandshifters has been hard at work providing professional site clearance in Gauteng for years, and we continue to do so. The greatest benefit when it comes to your site construction site clearance needs is that we not only know why it must be done, we also have the expertise and tools to do it properly.



Construction site clearance involves more than just shovelling dirt, so it is important to have more than just shovels on hand. We cover you in this regard with our plant hire fleet, comprised of all the vehicles and machinery you could possibly need. Front end loaders will be your primary workhorse here, capable of loading and hauling large amounts of virtually any material. With the scoop’s ability to lift it also makes it easy and convenient to scoop up and lift any rubble set for dumping, and to simply drop this into a tipper truck that will safely and conveniently transport the rubble away.


For construction site clearance in areas with vast amounts of soil, especially, our excavators are the ideal tools. With their long, hydraulically controlled arms and scoop they can quickly and easily scoop and lift the excess soil on site and drop it into one of those tipper trucks mentioned earlier. There is no need to struggle with wheelbarrows or the like ever again.


Tipper trucks mostly come in the 10m² variety for bulk material transport. There is also the option of a smaller tipper truck which caters specifically for smaller sites where larger trucks would be inconvenient or wasteful. The smaller tipper can also tow a bobcat with it to your site, which is basically a smaller-scale version of the front end loader which is best suited for construction site clearance on smaller sites to easily load rubble onto the tipper.



Our guarantee for proper, professional site clearance in Gauteng is ensured by our highly qualified staff. All of our plant operators are fully trained and qualified in the use of their machinery, with years of experience to back up our knowledge in a practical manner. That is our safe and professional guarantee to you.


Get in touch to find out exactly what we can do for you and how we can fulfil your construction site clearance needs in Gauteng.