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You might not realise it, but there are signs of aggregates all over Gauteng. In the streets and schools, on the pavements and even in the walls of your home, aggregate suppliers have had a hand in keeping things in place.


What is aggregate, basically?

A very basic explanation of aggregate is to describe it as the sand, gravel and/or stone used in construction. Whether you are running a construction business or looking to do your own construction work at home, these are essential ingredients. You cannot mix mortar without sand, and cement needs both sand and stone. Given the amount of cement all around us, you can see what a major role aggregate suppliers play in our daily lives.

How much of an impact do aggregate suppliers really make?

To give you a rough but still accurate figure, the use of aggregates in Gauteng alone amounts to tens of thousands of tons. A 1,6 km stretch of four-lane highway on the N1, for example, takes more than 80 000 tons of aggregate on its own! That is massive, and you can imagine how expensive it is to acquire that amount of aggregate from suppliers.

Is there a more affordable and eco-friendly option?

There is! At Sand Shifters we have seen, by making use of our own trained professionals and plant or contract crushing equipment, that there is a wealth of material out there that can be recycled. For construction companies in particular, you work with tons of rubble during the bulk clearance of sites on an almost daily basis. Much of that material being cleared from sites and dumped somewhere could rather have been recycled and crushed into making quality, recycled aggregate.

By recycling material from the bulk clearance of sites you are, firstly, saving the natural environment from being disrupted and damaged in order to provide raw materials. Secondly, if you have an arrangement with a reliable aggregate supplier you can make a plan to get your recycled materials pumped back into your site as aggregate at a much better price. You could also get your materials processed on site with the correct equipment and have access to it a lot sooner, saving both time and money.

You are in good hands

Our Sand Shifters crushing division are the perfect team for crushing up aggregate during bulk clearance of sites, and they have the experience to guarantee excellent service. Our equipment is top-notch, so you know you will be getting quality material.

Contact us for quality plant hire and crushing in Gauteng, and enjoy the benefits of the experience we provide and excellent services for your projects.