The use of recycled aggregate is a growing industry, especially because of the economic and environmental benefits it offers in comparison to virgin aggregate.

After a demolition, all the rubble from the broken down site is usually dumbed into a landfill. In the past, South Africa had the space for this material; however, with the increase of demolition and construction projects, natural resources are heading for depletion, landfill space is becoming limited and dumbing rubble is becoming more costly.

Recycled aggregate can be used for various construction projects, including (and not limited to):

  • Building foundations (residential and industrial)
  • Asphalt road construction
  • Pavements
  • Ground improvements
  • Earthworks


It is essential that contractors involved in any projects similar to the above should encourage the use of recycled aggregate.


Contractors may know the benefits of using recycled aggregate as opposed to virgin aggregate. The only issue is that they still need to convince their clients to use the material. According to, here are some tips to consider when telling your clients about the material:

  1. Give examples of former projects where the material was used
  2. Explain how the material is in compliance with all specifications and quality protocols
  3. Mention the cost benefits of the reduced transport costs of local recycled aggregate
  4. Use reputable suppliers, such as Sand Shifters– You can show your clients evidence of quality procedures and certificates of authenticity
  5. Be available during the first delivery of the material so that you can reassure the client if any concerns surface