Giving back to the environment in today’s society has become somewhat of a necessity in order to preserve the life and possibilities of future generations. What better way to do that than building with environmentally-friendly clay bricks.

Here are a few reasons why clay bricks are good for the environment:

1. Recyclable:

Since clay bricks are made from natural elements, they’re highly recyclable once you no longer have a need for them – generating very little, if any, waste. Not only will you love them, but nature will love you for investing in them!

2. Fire-retardant:

Clay bricks have the added bonus feature of being fire resistant for longer periods of time compared to other types of bricks – making them safer for your family and protecting your investments. Apart from the safety factor, you’ll also be saving on your insurance premiums due to this fact – leaving more capital to spend on aesthetics such as beautiful aluminium doors and windows to compliment the brick texture.

3. Pollutant-free:

Due to the fact that clay bricks are made from natural clay, and mixed with elements such as water and fire, there are no harsh chemicals or ingredients added that can affect your health or the environment in any way. Building with organic materials has become widely popular in commercial as well as residential settings.

5. Durable:

Clay bricks have been around since the beginning of time – using old production techniques. These days, they’re easier to produce, but still have lasting properties. There’s probably nothing more beautiful than an old house still containing the original clay bricks. They blend in nicely with the environment and will sustain you for years to come.

6. Energy-efficient:

The amazing thing about clay bricks is that they retain heat during the day and release it at night – saving you a lot of money on heating bills. Your summers will be cool and your winters will be warm due to the amazing insulation properties of clay bricks.

7. Low carbon emissions:

Producing clay bricks are much safer on the environment than other types of material. Studies conducted by the British AIA Environmental Resource Guide proved that the energy required in the manufacturing and transportation process of one brick is 14000 BTU – considerably less than other types of building materials.

Clay bricks, within the architecture and construction industries, have become quite popular due to the environmentally-friendly factor associated with them. More people are becoming self-aware of the impact on the environment with some of the construction practises used, and more individuals want to give back. Why not join them?

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