A mixture of building sand and clay is often used as a means to create a solid foundation for a building. Bricks can also be used to ensure a secure and safe foundation is built for your home. So which is best, bricks or sand and clay? Here is a comparison of how the two perform as a building’s foundation.


The foundation of a building is dependent on the environment it is built in and built on. Some may call for different applications and materials to ensure their longevity.

Sand and Clay: Clay Stock Bricks

This will most likely be used in the form of clay stock bricks. They are initially more expensive than cement stock bricks which are also often used. They are, however, more aesthetically pleasing and more cost-effective in the long term. They are fire resistant as well as possessing insulation properties along with thermal and acoustic insulation. These features are what make sand and clay bricks from a trusted construction supplier the best option when it comes to building your home’s foundation.

The uniformity of the shape of a building brick makes it a more reliable material for a building’s foundation as the load bearing nature of the bricks can be better determined when stacked together. This is especially true if you are trying to decide between bricks and crushed stone. This can be done but this is rare due to the fact that it takes a lot of time and can be quite costly when you consider the price of the material and the labour required to transform it into a reliable foundation. Stone needs to expertly fit together to ensure the weight of the home will not cause the stone foundation to shift due to the fact that they cannot be fit perfectly together as effectively as bricks.


These can also make effective materials for a foundation. It may work out cheaper due to the fact that a concrete block is larger than a brick so you will arguably have to buy less of them. It is however not as attractive and does not have the same longevity as a well-built brick foundation. They can, however, be reinforced with plastering and given colour with a lick of paint to make up for these potential short comings.

Talk to your construction supplier for expert advice when it comes to building your home’s foundation. Whether you choose building bricks or clay and sand for your foundation it remains the most important part of the house so as long as it is built well with quality building materials your home will stand strong for years to come.

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