Taking on a construction project, whether it may be a home or commercial space, can be a huge ordeal. To avoid any additional stress, make sure you build on strong foundations. The building block, so to speak, needs to be ready to stand the test of time.

Which bricks should you lay as the foundation? Knowing whether your project requires cement stock bricks, clay stock bricks or some combination of the two is the best place to start.


If you will be plastering a wall, cement stock bricks offer an inexpensive alternative to heavier building blocks. They are perfect for up to 3 storey walls, wall extensions, exterior walls and single-row boundary walls.

Cement Stock Bricks provide a more affordable option for almost all non-load bearing walls. The cement stock bricks can bear the load of walls with reinforcement from other materials.

The combination of crushed stone and cement make for a high density brick that is a strong base for any building project, at a fraction of the cost. These bricks take well to reinforcement, especially plastering, and the colour is easily customised to the customer or builder’s specifications. When consulting your construction company, ask where cement stock bricks can be used to save money, easily customise your space and build strong perimeter walls.


Investing in clay stock bricks for your construction can mean long term saving on costs as they are durable and easy to maintain- more so than plaster treated walls. The resale value of a clay face brick can be higher due to the fact that it looks appealing, and remain so endlessly. They may be more expensive than cement stock bricks, but they are durable and cost effective in the long-term.

It’s difficult to hide imperfections with paint or plaster, so it needs to be constructed properly as cracks may be visible otherwise. The clay stock bricks are fire resistant and have insulating properties as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. They have various applications that can apply to almost any designs.

Knowing what you want from your space is essential to picking your building material, don’t underestimate the humble brick, it can literally make or break your building project.

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