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Plant Hire for Contract Crushing




The benefits of plant hire for contract crushing profits the business that hires them as well as the plant hire company. This exchange makes for many advantages in the industry as the intricate crushing process puts more money back into the construction industry.



What is Contract Crushing?

The process of crushing rubble and discarded building materials can either take only take a single step, or multiple crushing processes, to become a final product.

This refers to virgin rock that is turned into sought after aggregate, or mining rubble materials that are turned into building sand or material that bricks are built from.

Contract crushing is essential to the circle of the construction industry to ensure as little as possible goes to waste. This is economical as it feeds South Africa’s economy by reusing natural resources to create new buildings and sites.

Plant Hire for Contract Crushing

By employing a plant hire company you ensure your excess materials are removed and not dumped illegally.

Rock and rubble will be removed from the site with a series of industrial machinery. Excavators will clear the site and industrial machines supplied by a plant hire company will use these products to be reused in another form.

Next, the materials will be turned into aggregate and sand which can in turn be used to make bricks. Nothing goes to waste!  

Why a Plant Hire is the Best Option for Contract Crushing

We will not only remove rubble but responsibly dispose of waste and have crushed what can be re-used and recycled. With a variety of construction vehicles and 20 years of experience you can ensure your rubble is in good hands and will be used to reinforce the future of construction.

Get it done the right way with plant hire, cleared, removed and recycled all in one!