Backyard Ideas Using Gravel

Gravel is not only used in construction; it is a versatile aggregate that, when placed strategically, can be used for aesthetic purposes too. Gravel can be coloured in different ways for different effects, and each colour brings its own unique style.

Some Benefits of Gravel in the Garden

Better than Grass

Grass is fresh and lovely, but it can be high maintenance and thirsty. Gravel is great landscape filler that doesn’t need watering or cutting, and it won’t die in the winter. Gravel can be placed in all kinds of ways to give the garden an arty edge, or to neaten up pathways and walkways. It also makes a great driveway surface; the stones can be easily raked and replaced with more stones when it starts to look scanty.

Good for Drainage

To avoid a flooded garden, it’s important that you choose design elements with good drainage. You don’t want all of your efforts washing away with the first heavy rainfall. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about that happening with gravel. The stones make for great drainage, so your garden will stay intact and dry up reasonably quickly once the weather clears up.

A Succulent Haven

Even though it’s great for drainage, gravel keeps the ground under the stones moist, making it a great protector for planted succulents. The plants look incredible in amongst the stones; when planted well, the combination makes a lovely natural looking addition to your landscape. Stubborn weeds may poke through every now and then, so a little maintenance will be required to keep your garden looking neat and fresh.

Lots of Options

Gravel can be ordered in different colours and sizes, as well as shapes. The options and combinations of gravel in design are endless. There are many different ways gravel can be used and placed to make your garden look amazing!

Gravel Backyard Ideas

Here are some ideas to use as inspiration in your gravel designs:

Smooth gravel can be used in between other elements on a pathway to create a beautiful finish and keep up that good drainage.








Use gravel to frame other elements to add texture and depth in your landscape design.









Brown gravel adds a beautiful neutral tone in your garden, helping it look neat but still natural, while guiding your visitors on where to walk.









Neaten up beautiful walkways that bring out the colours in the surrounding plants using dark gravel stones.









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