Before any building project can take place the building site needs to be prepared. There are steps involved that must take place in order to fulfil a successful project. The lot needs to be carefully selected after a site assessment has been done and then the site preparation can begin.


The project cannot begin before the sites have been identified, the project has been planned and all the necessary approvals have been given in order to go ahead. These include government permissions to make sure you are legally building without obstructing the public by blocking access roads, etc. Once all permits, licenses and approvals have been processed the physical preparation can go forward.


Construction site clearance is important and cannot be skipped because cutting corners here will only result in a delayed and unsuccessful project. During this process all vegetation needs to be removed within reason. The impact on the environment should be kept to a minimum, so any trees that don’t have to be removed should be preserved.

The soil type of the site generally dictates the machinery that will be required to complete bulk clearance of sites. Any construction site clearance and rubble removal requires heavy machinery to prepare the site for the activities that are to follow. The goal is to be left with a roughly levelled area ready for the foundation to be built.

Site clearance in Gauteng is achieved best with the help of a reliable plant hire company so you do not have to invest in the machinery for the bulk clearance of sites, but instead trust a hired company to do so for you.

Removing any hazardous waste is one of the main priorities when it comes to the step of construction site clearance. This ensures it is safe for builders to work and for the future occupants of the building.


Once the construction site is cleared and the soil testing is complete, installation of plumbing can begin. The placement of these pipes and tanks must be carefully recorded for future reference. Now the building can be erected in all its glory.

Be sure to enlist the help of a trusted site clearance and plant hire company to make your site preparation process go as smoothly as possible. Contact us if you are in need of site clearance in Gauteng.