Quality Brick Suppliers In Gauteng

bricksQuality bricks are essential for all construction projects. When it comes to selecting strong, affordable bricks, Sand Shifters are the suppliers to call. Many building projects have failed due to builders trusting the wrong brick suppliers. We advise that you do not opt for low-quality bricks and rather choose a supplier that will deliver the best bricks for your building project.

5 Hassle-Free Tips for Successful Home Construction

Plaster sandDeciding to build a house is a big commitment, and not for the faint hearted. However, the freedom that comes from designing a home exactly how you want it and seeing the end result is priceless. So if you’re thinking of constructing your own home, why not implement the following 5 tips to make sure it’s as hassle-free as can be:

Top 5 tips on construction saving costs

building sandWhether you’re taking on a large-scale project or interested in building a small garden cottage, saving money where you can will help you in the long run. In order to do that, you need to know where to cut what and how, before spending more money than you can afford.


Here’s how:

5 Site Clearance Tips

Construction Site ClearanceBefore you build on any site, you need to prepare the area properly. Site clearance operations must be done safely and efficiently to ensure that no one is injured and that the site is ready for construction.

What Kind of Sand Should You Buy?

building sandHow important is sand?

Sand plays an important role in construction. Simply: quality sand = longer lasting buildings.

When buying a house, what do you look for? If a house is good-looking, it is not necessarily well-built. A well-built house should have good support and be built with quality building materials.