Should I Use Concrete Blocks or Clay Bricks for Constructions?

Plant Hire & Contract CrushingThere aren’t many obvious differences between a modern block building and a modern brick building. Both are porous materials and use the same residential construction method. Clay bricks, however, are better suited for a building project that features multiple Wythe construction (a continuous vertical section of masonry one unit in thickness).

Build a strong foundation: know your bricks

Construction Company, plant hireTaking on a construction project, whether it may be a home or commercial space, can be a huge ordeal. To avoid any additional stress, make sure you build on strong foundations. The building block, so to speak, needs to be ready to stand the test of time.

2 Eco-Friendly Building Materials

eco-friendly building materialsAs people are becoming more and more aware of the environment, the construction industry is also looking into recycling and using clay bricks more than before. To reduce the harmful impact that building can have on the environment, people opt for environmentally friendly construction practices.

4 Guidelines That’ll Help You Save Big When Building A House

Building sand Pretoria/Johannesburg

There’s no clear-cut guide to saving money when tackling this kind of project – every property and home design is unique and the availability of materials and services are all subject to the area. But, nonetheless, building a house is a process that thrives when enough thought, research and networking has been put in!

Before spending your hard earned cash on just anything, you should get a very clear idea of what you want in a house and continue from there. Although no-one else can make the key choices for you, we certainly can provide you with a few guidelines on where you can easily manage your budget:


How Bulk Aggregate Suppliers Help Build the Nation!

aggregate supplierMany governmental movements aimed at improving South Africa’s infrastructure have been conducted. For more than 22 years, these programmes have tackled economic, social, political, agricultural and many other issues, with one goal: to raise our quality of life as a nation.