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Construction Site ClearanceBefore you build on any site, you need to prepare the area properly. Site clearance operations must be done safely and efficiently to ensure that no one is injured and that the site is ready for construction.

Site clearance should be done by professionals to ensure that all the important health and safety legislations are adhered to. Trained construction workers will ensure that all unwanted rubble and material is safely and efficiently removed from the site.

Here are a few tips to consider when clearing a site:

Put up signs

Signs and boundaries need to be put up around the site to ensure that people are aware that the area is a building site and do not enter the area unprepared.

Everyone must wear hard hats on site

Make sure that all people who are working on the site wear hard hats at all times. This is essential for health and safety purposes.

Use the correct machinery

Use suitable machinery when clearing a site to prevent wasting time and money. Contact Sand Shifters to provide the necessary equipment for the specific job. Do not operate any machinery that you do not know how to use properly.

Hire proper contractors

Do not cut corners to “save” money. Hire contractors that have the right equipment and machinery to carry out the site clearance safely, effectively and in line with necessary regulations.

Dispose of all unwanted rubble properly 

All the unwanted waste and building material needs to be disposed of properly. You will need to bring in tippers to transport the rubble and building materials to landfills