There’s no clear-cut guide to saving money when tackling this kind of project – every property and home design is unique and the availability of materials and services are all subject to the area. But, nonetheless, building a house is a process that thrives when enough thought, research and networking has been put in!

Before spending your hard earned cash on just anything, you should get a very clear idea of what you want in a house and continue from there. Although no-one else can make the key choices for you, we certainly can provide you with a few guidelines on where you can easily manage your budget:


  • First things first – decide on what your dream house will look like

If you’re building a house with a spouse or a partner, you absolutely have to communicate clearly what you have in mind for the project. Setting out these aspects makes it easy to decide together when compromises have to be made. Staying on top of what you expect your home will become and what you can afford, together, will make all the difference when making difficult, budget-driven decisions further down the line. If you’re trying to get a basic idea, take your partner out on a tour of the houses in surrounding areas and note down aspects that you love, and designs that you want to imitate,

  • Source the right builder for the job

Locating the right man or woman for the job is easier said than done, but investing in a qualified and reputable builder is a must. There really is no two ways about it – if you want a beautiful, quality home that’ll be a joy to live in, you have to make sure that you’ve gotten hold of someone that can make it happen.

Good builders may come at a higher price, but their skills in planning, budgeting and sourcing materials will lead to fewer unforeseen expenditures and can even end up saving you money in the long run. Once you’ve decided on a builder, you’ve got to include him or her in the conversation that you and your partner have been having about design, compromises and budget – spare no detail, and the process will be that much easier.

If you communicate your situation to your qualified builder, you may be surprised at how easily they can go out of their way to make your dreams happen. Builders can also use their builder’s discount on much of the materials needed to construct a home, so be sure to ask them about purchasing these materials through them, rather than on your own.

  • Don’t compromise on material quality

Although saving money on building supplies quality will keep expenses lower, you will most likely end up spending what you’ve saved (and more) on home maintenance and repairs in the first few years after moving in. Steer clear of compromising on quality wherever possible to avoid facing potentially critical issues later on.

Stay away from using filter sand, for example, as the integrity of your foundation really can cause your dream house to tumble to the ground. Finding quality building sand in Pretoria or Johannesburg is not that difficult, so be sure to pay your dues and do things the right way!

  • Be smart when designing your interior

Up until this stage, your builder has been your confidant, your partner and your mentor in saving on the exterior construction process. When the interior design comes along, however, the ball starts moving into your court!

Working with interior designers is often a much more involved process than working with your builder, so all the rules of communication count! Correspond with your designer to open up channels to great material prices. Outfitting your home with larger amounts of material could also incur a discount. Buying high gloss doors and high gloss kitchen cabinets for your entire home, for example, could see you get some material mark down!

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