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Whether you are building your own home, doing renovations or you’re a construction business on a project site, saving money and providing the best possible results is always a priority. One of the best areas in which to accomplish this is construction site clearance, especially with our professional site clearance services here at Sand Shifters.

How Construction Site Clearance Companies are Saving you Money


#1: Save on labour

Labour is one of the major expenses in any project, whether it be the money you are paying to labourers or the time you are spending on completing your project. Time is money, after all, which is why our experienced professionals make a point of quickly and expertly clearing your site. This means you save on time, and because the job is done so much more efficiently and quickly you should save significantly on labour costs as well.

#2: Save on equipment costs

Have you ever gotten into a project, only to find you don’t have the correct tools for the job? You end up needing to rent equipment at exorbitant prices, or you might even buy a piece of equipment that will be used once and potentially never again. In both cases, you’ve worked at a loss.

Sand Shifters has a fleet of plant and equipment that we use in our site clearance projects to make sure that you don’t have to carry those costs at all, as it’s all included in our service. So you save again.

#3: Let no material go to waste

One of the greatest benefits of using Sand Shifters’ site clearance services is that aside from our standard plant equipment we also have crushing equipment. This opens up the opportunity to make use of rock, stone and such materials that are cleared from your site, crushing these to make aggregate material. This way you stand to recycle, saving your money and the environment!

Speaking of recycling, you can also ask our experienced staff to keep an eye out for any usable materials and items such as doors, unbroken windows, and almost anything else you can think of. If we can help you salvage it, we will. That is the difference our expertise and experience provides above what other construction site clearance companies have to offer you.

Contact us to find out exactly what we can do for you. Put our site clearance services to the test!