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plant hire company

Unreliable plant hire can be disastrous as faulty equipment can severely delay the progress of a project.  Finding a plant hire company that is reliable and has quality equipment is important – it can minimise the possibility of various extra expenses and loss of revenue. Sand Shifters offers quality equipment and services for all your plant hire and contract crushing needs. This is what makes us so much better than any of our competitors:

1. We can handle any project

Sand Shifters is equipped to handle bulk civils, construction, demolition and mining contracts. For these kinds of projects, state of the art equipment is needed including top-notch mobile crushing equipment. Our equipment is of superior quality and we guarantee no unnecessary interruptions.

2. We have experienced staff

After years of working in our field Sand Shifter’s staff has gained invaluable experience. They understand their tasks and they fulfil their duties by applying their knowledge with a hands-on approach. They know our equipment and they evaluate every terrain – from demolition sites to open-pit mining sites.

3. We offer various plant hire and construction services

Our fleet is fairly extensive. It includes front end loaders which are built for loading and hauling any material as requested by clients. We also provide excavators to easily remove soil from the ground, especially on a building site to prepare for construction. We also offer tractor-loader-backhoes (TLB) which are perfect for urban-based construction due to their relatively small size. This three-in-one machine is primarily used to dig and load. We offer Bobcat machinery: extremely robust equipment designed to endure almost any construction requirement. Lastly, we offer 10m3 tipper trucks to carry bulk materials.

4. We do so much more than plant hire

Over the past 20 years, we have worked hard to earn the support of our customers. By providing excellent service, Sand Shifters has built a strong reputation. This has allowed us to flourish into a multi service business. We supply Gauteng with sand, building bricks, plant hire and site clearance. You can find effective and reliable solutions for all your construction needs with one phone call.

Give us a call today for plant hire or any other construction solution!  

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