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construction site clearance, site clearance services, site clearance in constructionConstruction site clearance is necessary for any building project to be successful from beginning to end. Site clearance services ensure that all bases are covered for the construction scheduled to take place once the construction site clearance has been completed. Here are some important things to remember about this first, and crucial, step in construction.

Safety First, Always

All construction site clearance professionals are trained extensively of onsite safety. This includes:

  • Emergency protocols
  • Safely using equipment
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) effectively (a hard hat, always)

Using PPE effectively is more than just the mandatory hard hat, it includes things like wearing a back brace when doing heavy lifting to ensure workers are protected while carrying out their duties.

Emergency protocols include everything from fire safety to hazardous material handling. Professional site clearance companies have employees trained to use the equipment effectively and enforce safety protocols meaning they are trained to keep everyone onsite safe, whether they are working, visiting or just passing by.  Proper boundaries and signage need to be used to be sure people are aware of the hazardous activity taking place and that entry is limited to those trained to be onsite unless chaperoned.

Safety for the workers and the public is always the number one priority.

Site Clearance Services Ensure Projects Stay Within Budget and On Schedule

Site clearance services have the ability to deal with a large job without you having to plan everything yourself. This includes hiring or buying the necessary vehicles and equipment (if you don’t have them on hand) as well as an experienced team trained to meet their deadline.

Setting aside some budget for site clearance services and an allocated time is a much more reliable way of ensuring a project stays on schedule and within budget.

Clearing and Cleaning is Key to Any Site Plan

This is not only the first step in a site plan but also the most important. If site clearance in construction is not carried out properly the rest of the project will be thrown completely off track in almost all aspects. That is why it is crucial that this step is completed properly. One way to ensure you get this out of the way and it doesn’t come back to bite you later in the project is to hire professional site clearance services to do so for you.

What Happens to the Top Soil?

Usually, the top soil is removed in order to build sturdy foundations. What happens to the top soil once it is removed? Well, if it is good quality soil it can be set aside to be used later for landscaping. If it is poor quality soil (excluding clay) it can be used to backfill the foundation trenches.