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When ordering building sand on a large scale, like using building sand priced per ton, you need to determine all the areas you will be using said aggregate. Will you be needing it as mortar for bricks, as cement mix, as is, or all of the above?

The Functionalities of Building Sand in a Project

Building sand is far from being a one trick pony. On a building site it will play a fundamental role for bricks, foundations and cement. Many contractors choose to buy building sand for sale by the ton, especially when working on multiple projects, because it is a material with such varied use in the industry.

The correct building sand grit and ratio is essential for solid cement, sturdy bricks and an unmoving foundation, so it is safe to say every building project should place buying, using and endorsing quality building sand a priority.

Why it is Important to Take All the Areas Building Sand is needed into Account

If you do not factor in the quantities of building sand required across the board you run the risk of having to return to the building materials supplier to restock. It is much more economical and sensible to make use of building sand in bulk or building sand priced by the ton so you are sure you have enough, while factoring in some wiggle room for error. Rather have more building sand than not enough.

A quantity surveyor will assist contractors in drafting a bill of quantities which should inform all your purchases before the building project even starts. This will cover everything from the building materials that need to be purchased to the salaries for those working on the site. This helps to ensure the contractor’s budget stays within budget and on schedule.

The Ratio of Building Sand to Other Ingredients is Crucial to Your Success

There are multiple factors at play when using building sand to mix cement or build bricks. You have to be spot on and take all of those factors into consideration to end up with the desired product.

Here are just some things that can go wrong should you not factor in all the elements when mixing cement with building sand. 

No one wants a building with cracking cement, shifting foundations and crumbling bricks. This is why it is imperative that contractors endorse those who make quality building sand available for sale so building projects deliver high quality results. To endorse such a building materials supplier contact us at Sand Shifters.